New restrictive abortion law is proposed by the Government of the Republic of Macedonia

A couple of days ago the Government of Macedonia  proposed to Parliament  a new Abortion Law. The new Abortion Law    has a number of articles which are restrictive and  dimish the right of women to have free access to abortion.

The Government  proposes that the law goes through an urgent procedure, because they  state,   it is not a systemic  law and the issues that are covered are not disputable. Today when the Minister of Health addressed Parliament said that in the law there are   no new aspects introduced and that only  issues from the old law are better regulated. The Minister also pointed out that this law is proposed due to the protection of the women’s health.   The majority of the MPs voted for the new law to go through urgent procedure.


The new law on abortion introduces new mechanisms that are obstacles for free access to abortion.  In short  below are the restrictive aspects of the new l
A woman needs to submit a written application in order the pregnancy to be terminated ,aw:

  • A woman needs to give a written consent approval the procedure to be done ,
  • mandatory pre-abortion counseling ,
  • the partner (the husband) is to be informed about the procedure,
  • mandatory waiting period of three days after the pre-abortion counseling,
  • submitting a confirmation from the doctor is necessary

The whole law  gives significant discretionary power to the Minister of Health,

and the  makes the whole system  highly centralized.

These are only the main restrictive aspects of the new law.

The law is in parliamentary procedure and the next discussion in the commission is in two days time.


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